Midiman – Alter Ego

Date: 2014/april
catalog code: EDM050
release: Alter Ego (album)
artist: Midiman

Length: 67 min. / 16 tracks
genre: Synthpop, electronic.
credits: All tracks written and produced by Alfredo Pazmiño except, track 3&9 written by Ricardo Sánchez and Alfredo Pazmiño, track 6 written by Alfredo Pazmiño and Daniel Meza, track 11 written by Miguel Ángel Verdugo (Miangelve) , track 15 written by Deimos, track 16 written by Cerati and Alberti, track 12 remix produced by Alex Midi (Moenia), track 13 remix produced by Francisco Cornejo, track 14 version produced by Adrián Isla.
Vocals, synths and programation: Alfredo Pazmiño // extra vocals track 3: Karla ”Lucis” García // vocoders track 10: Miangelve.

Streaming and Stores:
Available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud and more. Please in the next link you can choose your favorite digital store/streaming site:

* Some store versions includes bonus: covers, 11pages digital booklet, and 3 wallpapers.

Edmoon Records 2014.


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